At SESC Pompeia, MAI presented the Abramovic Method; a series of talks with Abramovic; The Space in Between, functioned as a hub for artists, researchers, and the general public to share ideas and expand their knowledge about performance and immaterial art, and eight Brazilian artists performed during the duration of the exhibition.
March 10 - May 10, 2015
Ayrson Heráclito, Fernando Ribeiro, Grupo Empreza, Maikon K, Marco Paulo Rolla, Maurício Ianês, Paula Garcia, Rubiane Maia
SESC and MAI presented new works by 8 Brazilian artists, the Abramovic Method, and a series of talks. There was a designated space called “The Space In Between,” for free experimentation and collaboration where visitors had the opportunity to explore the directions and limits of immaterial art and performance, as well as other special programming that included re-performances of Abramovic’s work by artist Andrea Boller.

SESC Pompeia is the chosen venue currently being set for TERRA COMUNAL: a lively center for culture, arts and leisure that used to be an old factory of refrigerators, re-designed by architect Lina Bo Bardi in 1977.
It's a place full of visible human energy, with room and soul to host MAI fully, versatile enough to be designed for immaterial art and long durational works.

Terra Comunal was held at SESC Pompeia, São Paulo from March 10 – May 10, 2015


Ayrson Heráclito, Transmutação da Carne [Transmutation of The Meat]
Fernando Ribeiro, O Datilógrafo [The Typist]
Grupo Empreza, Vesúvio [Vesuvius]
Maikon K, DNA de DAN [DNA of DAN]
Marco Paulo Rolla, Preenchendo o Espaço [Filling the Space]
Maurício Ianês, O Vínculo [The Bond]
Paula Garcia, Corpo Ruindo [Crumbling Body]
Rubiane Maia, O Jardim [The Garden]

The Abramovic Method

The Abramovic Method is a series of exercises developed by Marina Abramovic which aim to explore the limits of body and mind. Its practice, detached from the distractions and hurry of the modern world, demands focus and introspection, providing those who engage in it a state of clarity and connection with their own self, something that is increasingly rare in our daily life.Throughout her artistic trajectory, Abramovic has consistently blurred the lines between the observer and the observed in the context of performance. By inviting audience members to participate in the Method, the public takes on both roles. For the Method at SESC Pompeia, Abramovic developed a special series of Transitory Objects for visitors to interact with through three basic body positions: standing, sitting, and lying down. 1.5 tons of minerals, in combination with wood, were used to create chairs, benches, beds and pillows. Each object possesses its own unique energetic properties. In addition to interacting with the Transitory Objects, the public was encouraged to spend time walking in slow motion, decelerating the body, breath, and thought, in order to truly be present.

The Space in Between

In an area of SESC Pompeia Galpão, the space entitled In Between will function as a public square in which artists, researchers residents, and visitors can meet to exchange ideas and expand their knowledge of performance and immaterial art. It will be a spontaneous gathering place where everyone can share their experience. In Between has a schedule for long-durational performances, with presentations from Lynsey Peisinger and performances by Grupo Empreza. Historical works by Marina Abramovic will be re-performed by the Brazilian artist Andrea Boller. The space will also host conversations with guests from a variety of fields, as well as educational activities and a collection of publications on performance.

MIT Neuroscientist Adam Horowitz in conversation with FLAGCX’s Luisa Martini, Roberto Martini, and Boo Aguilar on technologies related to virtual realities and self-quantifying
Andrea Boller reperforming Abramovic’s “Freeing the Voice”

Video Gallery

Terra Comunal - Reperformances
Terra Comunal - Cleaning the House
Terra Comunal - Space In Between
Terra Comunal - Abramovic Retrospective

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