A collaboration between Sakip Sabanci Museum (SSM), Akbank Sanat, and Marina Abramovic Institute (MAI).
31 JAN – 15 MAR, 2020
30 OCT – 20 DEC, 2020
Arda Cabaoğlu, Bahar Temiz, Dilek Champs, Evren Kutlay, Halil Atasever, Ilyas Odman, Maria Stamenkovic Herranz, Metehan Kayan, Murat Adash, Murat Ali, Nancy Stamatopoulou, Nezaket Ekici, Şebnem Dönmez, Umut Sevgül, Virginia Mastrogiannaki.
Akış/Flux is a collaboration between Sakip Sabanci Museum (SSM), Akbank Sanat, and Marina Abramovic Institute (MAI) marking a major survey of Abramovic’s work and the largest project dedicated to performance art in the history of Istanbul / Turkey.

Akış/Flux at the Sakip Sabanci Museum is an exhibition comprised of a chronological presentation of Marina Abramovic’s work, the commission of 15 long durational performances by Turkish and invited artists, and the Abramovic Method, a public participatory installation.


Dilek Champs: Red Carpet
The artist interrupts the walk on the red carpet, a the symbol of authority and power in many different fields from politics and diplomacy to art.
Nezaket Ekici: Work in Progress – Personal Map
In her performance Work in Progress - Personal Map, she is armed with nails, a hammer, and a red string, and spins her personal world map like a cobweb, tracing her more than 250 performances on a white wooden panel.
Ilyas Odman: One for the Road
This “road story” that is inspired by the prayer rituals of Mesopotamian culture is a promise for a continuous transformation of the teller's body as well of the audience.
Virginia Mastrogiannaki: SJ
SJ is a vocal performance, a timeless lament, about the last seconds of a condemned man in the early 20th century. The last interactive seconds of his decapitated head is taken as a starting point, whereby the performer intends to redefine our common perception of time through phonetic work
Arda Cabaoğlu: Forced Misophonia: BLAST, BLOW, PULSE
The trumpet has been a symbol of justice, is considered a sacred instrument, and is a musical instrument that has evolved throughout history all around the world. Cabaoglu improvises in the present time and is not limited by any particular musical style.
Evren Kutlay: On the Road to Oneness: A Proposal for Peace to the East and the West
Calling on the history of Ottoman and European cultures, Kutlay's performance examines emotional states related to power, patriotism, invasion, fear, sacrifice, pain and resistance, and the struggle of the armies participating in the war.
Murat Adash: Correspondence (Morphology)
Hundreds of artists, actors, performers, and musicians leave Turkey every year in order to get an artistic education, which is not always accessible in their homeland. No Musicians’ Land aims to bring together a unique collection of Turkish musicians, from all over the globe and across various genres for the Turkish audience.
Bahar Temiz: Buz*
Temiz creates ephemeral sculptures while exhausting herself with inefficient actions and futile efforts through ropes being pulled, fluctuated, interconnected, wrapped, and knotted.
Nancy Stamatopoulou: The Chair
Nancy Stamatopoulou draws the consciousness of the viewer and herself by using the relationship she establishes between the body and the chair.
Şebnem Dönmez: Miss Contour
In 1996 Şebnem Dönmez performed a tribute to three Hollywood stars (Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe, and Liza Minnelli). At the time, she was 23 years old. In this instance, the artist reperforms this piece while her old performance is projected concurrently on the wall.
Halil Atasever: Slaughterhouse
The continuous process of unstitching 52 white shirts during the performance, presents a confrontation with the white-collar identity.
Murat Ali: No Musicians’ Land
Hundreds of artists, actors, performers, and musicians leave Turkey every year in order to get an artistic education, which is not always accessible in their homeland. No Musicians’ Land aims to bring together a unique collection of Turkish musicians, from all over the globe and across various genres for the Turkish audience.
Umut Sevgül and Metehan Kayan: Upright
Through the laying and realignment of the bricks, countless suggestions on structure, area, space/transitory space to be arrived at and left behind remain open to the changes participants will make at every stage of the performance.
Maria Stamenkovic Herranz: The Mortal House
The performer will spend 24 days constructing her own labyrinth from the inside out. Using the blueprint from Daedalus’ original Cretan labyrinth, as well as new forms of communication that will inevitably arise as her other senses are heightened, the blindfolded performer will excavate and physically map out the buried, imprisoned contents of her spirit.


Introducing the exhibition is an extensive survey of Abramović’s 50-year artistic journey, including early paintings, photographs, installations, and videos of her work known for challenging her physical and mental limits. This marks the first retrospective of Abramovic's work in Turkey.

Abramovic Method

The Abramovic Method is a large scale, public participatory event joining people in a communal experience to connect with oneself and with each other. Inside this quiet and non-hierarchical space, the public is invited to participate in a number of exercises and to observe others as they participate. Connecting people in this basic way and creating a space of mutual witnessing, the Method encourages the kind of collective vulnerability that human beings need in order to better coexist. Participants are both guided by facilitators and self-guided and can stay in the Method for as long as they wish.

Performance on Video at Akbank Sanat

At Akbank Sanat, MAI presented a series of documentation exhibitions and a screening program on Abramovic’s work. The exhibition explores the recent and past histories of performance art and the legacy that informs the practice today. The documentation exhibitions aim to introduce performance art to a public that might be unfamiliar with the form as a discipline, as well as contribute to an existing local dialogue on this field.


31.01.2020-15.03.2020 / 30.10.2020-20.12.2020

The exhibition, which was temporarily closed on 15.03.2020 in line with the measures taken against the epidemic, was reopened to visitors on 30.10.2020.

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